ANIMALS35 Videos

TED BUNNY: Rabbit tries to save his friend in need and then the most unexpected thing happens…
SHE’S NASTY AF: Woman plays with a dead fox she randomly found…
WOW: This horse isn’t galloping, it’s RUNNING like a damn human lol
OUCH: Bear gets hit in the nuts while trying to scratch his back…
LOVE: Abandoned dog hugs the leg of a journalist as soon as he arrived to the animal shelter!
KARMA GOT HIS ASS: Man fails badly after trying to kick a stray dog in the streets…
BRUH: Ram runs full speed and head first into his trainer!!
HELL NO: Little kid plays with a massive amount of snakes while his father records!
HE WILF AF: Man teases a hungry caged lion with a goat while at the zoo!
WHICH ONE IS THE BEAR: Fearless man plays with his friend like it’s nothing…
BOOM: Two rams go head up into each other and make a very loud noise!
WTF IF THIS: Is that a bear… a coyote… or an alien creature walking on the road?
SHE GOT ASS: Sheep shows off her Kim Kardashian sized butt cheeks!
MASTER SPLINTER: Big ass rat spotted walking the streets of New York City!
FROZEN SOLID: Wolf gets into a fight with a fox in cold snow weather and they both freeze to death!
HERO: Dog jumps into the water to save a drowning kitty cat in need!