CARS13 Videos

IN A SPLIT SECOND: Man seated on a street corner almost loses his life by a speeding car!
HE KNEW HE MESSED UP: Biker stops in the middle of the race and causes a huge crash pile up!
TERRIBLE: Truck driver does a horrible job trying to reverse into a parking spot!
LOOK BOTH WAYS: Man almost loses his life nearly getting hit by a car while crossing the street!
CRAZY ROAD RAGE: Man tries to run over three teens with his speeding car!
GTFOH: Man jumps through some hoops while riding on the roof of a speeding car!
WTF: Two cars crash into each other and one of the drivers fly out of the windshield!
KARMA GOT THAT ASS: Thief tries to steal a purse from someones car and they take him on a wild ride!
HE’S TRIPPIN: Man drives through a snow blizzard in his convertible with the top down!
RISKING HIS LIFE: Man crashes his car and tries to put out the fire with flood water!
THE HATE IS REAL: Man breaks in and vandalizes a luxury car sitting in the driveway!
EPIC DRIFTING: Man shows off his Fast and the Furious driving skills on the streets!
WATCH OUT: Man gets hit by a car while running in the middle of the street!