DANCE12 Videos

THRILLER: Little boy hits the Michael Jackson dance moves like a boss!
TOO LIT: Asian school principal teaches his students the shuffle dance!
AMAZING KID: Solomon finished cancer treatment and celebrates by dancing to Michael Jackson!
HER KNEES RETIRED FROM THOTTING: Woman dances in the bathroom and takes a fall…
JAMAICANS BE WILDIN: Man dances with big girl and takes an epic fail dive!
HE MAD MAD: Dude flips out after he realized that he was dancing with a man!
WHOSE BREEDING THESE KIDS: Little boy shows off his super lit dance moves!
THEY WERE HYPING HER UP: Little girl demonstrates how to do Fortnite dance moves!
PAYING RESPECT OR NAH: Woman twerks on her friends grave as a way of mourning her passing…
WHOSE MANS IS THIS: White boy couldn’t wait for the beat to drop to show out!
WWE VIBES: Wrestlers show off their dance moves to 6ix9ine in the streets of New York City!
FEELING IT: Man shows off his dance moves and hookah smoking skills in the streets