AMAZING KID: Solomon finished cancer treatment and celebrates by dancing to Michael Jackson!
AMAZING: This barbershop is helping local kids build their confidence by reading in front of others while getting a haircut.
BEAUTIFUL: African little girl doesn’t know how to react when seeing an albino girl for the first time…
BEST FRIENDS: A dog and a goose give each other one last hug goodbye…
BEST REACTION: Big brother surprises his little brother after being gone for 9 months being in the Army!
BLESSED: Little kids are so grateful for their Christmas gifts “Ayyye… Ain’t God Good”
DEFYING THE LAWS OF GRAVITY: Goat climbs down a palm tree like a boss!
DRONE GOING CRAZY: This guy flies through an abandoned building like a pro!
EL CHAPO JR: Smart baby escapes his crib like he’s breaking out of prison!
EMOTIONAL MOMENT: Military son comes home early from the army and surprises his dad!
EPIC DRIFTING: Man shows off his Fast and the Furious driving skills on the streets!
GLASS BOTTOM POOL: Check out this hotel’s pool that looks down into the street from 40 stories above!
GTFOH: Man jumps through some hoops while riding on the roof of a speeding car!
HE AIN’T PLAYING: Man in a wheelchair moves at the speed of light while crossing the street!
HE STILL GOT IT: Mike Tyson shows off his lightning speed punches inside of a bar!
HE’S CRAZY: Camera man slides down the roof of a building to get the perfect shot!