FAILS43 Videos

ALEXA TRIPPIN: Little boy gets a big surprise when asking Amazon’s Alexa for something…
ALL BAD: Man trusts his friends to catch him jumping off of a building… it didn’t end well.
ALL YEAR LONG: Man reminds his woman what he provides for her on Christmas day!
BAD IDEA: Fireworks go off inside of the school auditorium during Christmas play!
BAD PARENTING: Father stacks thousands of dollars on top of his newborn baby!
BIG FAIL: Man attempts to open his beer bottle with a sharp wood pick and his hand…
BIRD BOX GONE WRONG: This baby was not feeling being blind folded by his dad!
BOOM: Cellphone repair man has one of his phones blow up in his face at work!
CAPTAIN SAVE EM: White boy comes out of no where with the haymakers after a marriage proposal prank goes wrong!
CHRISTMAS CANCELLED: Little girl takes a fall while riding on her new hover board!
EPIC FAIL: Gymnast runs and jumps full speed in socks and it doesn’t end very well…
FAIL: Two men decide to climb a ladder together and things turn for the worst!
FELL HEAD FIRST: Man comes down the stairs in the most awkward way during Christmas eve!
HAD HER CONFUSED: Grandma gets pranked into thinking she has a nose ring!
HE GOT PUT ON BLAST: Woman breaks up with her cheating boyfriend in front of all their friends!
HE TRIPPIN: Man gets his tongue stuck on a frozen pole…