FAILS43 Videos

NOT TODAY: Father drags his little girl through the airport because she was acting up…
NOT HOLY: Pastor gets caught trying to have sex with a prostitute inside of a hotel room!
ALL YEAR LONG: Man reminds his woman what he provides for her on Christmas day!
BIG FAIL: Man attempts to open his beer bottle with a sharp wood pick and his hand…
BOOM: Cellphone repair man has one of his phones blow up in his face at work!
WASN’T EXPECTING THAT: Woman frees a pigeon stuck in the grill of a car and look at what happens next!
FELL HEAD FIRST: Man comes down the stairs in the most awkward way during Christmas eve!
NUT SHOT: Kid gets his revenge after a man makes him fall in a hotel hallway!
TERRIBLE: Truck driver does a horrible job trying to reverse into a parking spot!
IT’S BROKEN: Little boy tries to stop his go kart Flinstones style and snaps his leg!
BAD IDEA: Fireworks go off inside of the school auditorium during Christmas play!
SMOOTH MOVE: Man tries to carry his drunk friend to her bed and it goes terribly wrong!
WTF IS HE DOING: Man at the gym tries to go hard in front of his girlfriend!
FAIL: Two men decide to climb a ladder together and things turn for the worst!
WAIT FOR IT: Little boy gets the surprise of his life during his trip to the beach!
SHAME ON HIM: Little boy lets his church know how he really feels…