FIGHTS14 Videos

CAPTAIN SAVE EM: White boy comes out of no where with the haymakers after a marriage proposal prank goes wrong!
FIRE HIM: Karate teacher sucker punches his student in the middle of a training class!
HE WASN’T READY: Man instantly goes blind while getting ready for a fight…
KIDS BAD AS HELL: Brother and sister get into an intense fight in front of their mother!
NOT TODAY: Little brother saw that his sister was losing the fight so he decided to jump in!
SHE’S TRIPPING: Woman snaps on a train and demands that someone gets up and gives her a seat!
THE BROOKLYN WAY: Angry woman on a New York subway snaps on another woman for getting in her mans face!
THEY BEEFING: Man and woman take turns taking trash in and out of one trash can…
THEY MAD: Neighbors gets into a fight and throw logs of wood at each other from their backyards!
TOP FLIGHT: Security guard hits a woman with her bag after accusing her of being a thief!
TRIED TO RUN OUT: Asian ladies start a fight with black women over them not paying for their nails!
WITH THE SHITS: Old ladies get into a fight at the casino while security tries to break them up!
WOW: Police officer challenges suspect to a fight “I Won’t Even Arrest You, Man”
YES MA’AM: Transgender man snaps inside of a game store after an employee referred to him as a “Sir”