FOOD14 Videos

HOLD UP: How old were you when you found out that this is how you’re supposed to eat pineapples?
OH YOU FANCY: Man cuts up and serves some fresh SHEEP at a wedding…
EXPERT: Baby knows how to eat his food with chopsticks better than most adults do!
SALMONELLA: Woman starts a new social media challenge by eating raw cow meat!
NASTY AF: Woman pour soy sauce on her dead squid food and watches it come to life!
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE BOUND: Woman eats fried chicken loaded with melted cheddar cheese!
DRIVE-THRU CHAOS: Fast food employee snaps on a customer after getting pranked!
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL: Two fast food employees help a disabled man eat his dinner by feeding him!
MOUTH ON FIRE: Crazy man eats on a extremely hot and lit wooden log!
THAT’S HUGE: Man cooks the World’s largest hamburger with bacon inside!
JUICY FRUIT: This just might be the best looking most delicious orange of all time!
DISGUSTING: Man eats a sandwich full of WORMS like it’s nothing!
SHE’S LIT: Drunk woman has an extreme case of late night muchies…
WITH THE SHITS: Asian restaurant owner pops off on a man who wants to return his order!