WTF Files173 Videos

ELEVATOR GOING DOWN: Y’all better not even think about pranking me like this…
NUT SHOT: Kid gets his revenge after a man makes him fall in a hotel hallway!
HE’S TRIPPING: Angry man on a plane demands that a passenger needs to shake his hand!
RETURN HER: Ungrateful woman snaps on her boyfriend for getting her the wrong Valentines Day present!
EL CHAPO JR: Smart baby escapes his crib like he’s breaking out of prison!
LUGGAGE ROBOT: Check out the suitcase that follows around you at the airport!
SHE’S TRIPPING: Woman snaps on a train and demands that someone gets up and gives her a seat!
SALMONELLA: Woman starts a new social media challenge by eating raw cow meat!
HELL NAW: Man lights his bathroom sink tap water on fire and look at what happens…
JUST MAKE IT CLAP: Woman shows off her booty clapping skills… kinda lol
WHAT DID I JUST WATCH: Two guys make the most awkward video ever!
POPEYE: Man with huge arms and fake muscles does Drake’s “KEKE” challenge!
FROZEN SOLID: Wolf gets into a fight with a fox in cold snow weather and they both freeze to death!
SHE GOT CAUGHT: Woman cheats on her fiance on LIVE TV with her sugar daddy at the baseball game!
NEXT LEVEL NASTY: Dumb kid takes a shot of dirty mop water during a challenge!
WHOA: This thing looks like a patch of hair but in reality, it’s a thousand spiders!