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DEEBO OF DOGS: This pitbull is so buff, he’ll make you his new bitch!
FEARLESS: Woman enjoys swimming in shark infested waters!
IT’S BROKEN: Little boy tries to stop his go kart Flinstones style and snaps his leg!
BRO TRIPPIN: Man poses with his pet Lion and it almost goes horribly wrong!
WASN’T EXPECTING THAT: Woman frees a pigeon stuck in the grill of a car and look at what happens next!
WTF: Two cars crash into each other and one of the drivers fly out of the windshield!
HER KNEES RETIRED FROM THOTTING: Woman dances in the bathroom and takes a fall…
MAKE HIM DIZZY LOGIC: Man tries to escape from police by driving in circles!
NO SHAME: This mans hair is floating above his head and he could care less about it!
HE’S MESSED UP: Man steals a 95-year-old mans wallet in broad daylight!
GTFOH: Man jumps through some hoops while riding on the roof of a speeding car!
BUG FROM HELL: This huge crazy looking beetle sounds like a helicopter and will give you nightmares!
THEY TRIPPIN: Half-naked mothers go out in the freezing snow with their babies as a technique to build their immune systems!
TOO MUCH MONEY: Strippers show off one nights worth of dancing in the strip club!
MOUTH ON FIRE: Crazy man eats on a extremely hot and lit wooden log!
OUCH: Middle Eastern men shoot guns in the air and one gets shot in the leg!