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HOLY SHIT: Man gets launched into another city from a sling shot!
THE BEST PART OF WAKING UP: Man wakes up to his girlfriends big ass in his face!
NOT LOUD: Girl claims that she’s smoking that skunk but really, she’s probably smoking pigeon!
WTF: Two cars crash into each other and one of the drivers fly out of the windshield!
BIG FAIL: Man attempts to open his beer bottle with a sharp wood pick and his hand…
NO WAY: You’ll never guess how this guy stole from this convenient store!
SHE’S THE SHEET: Woman shows off her bed covering skills in a matter of seconds!
SHE FOLDED LIKE THEM GAS STATION BALLOONS: Woman falls hard when trying on new shoes!!
CONGRATULATIONS: You have just watched one of the weirdest videos ever!
HE’S DONE WITH WEED: Man throws away bags of marijuana like it’s nothing!
WAIT FOR IT: Woman’s car ride and selfie with her dog didn’t go very well…
SALMONELLA: Woman starts a new social media challenge by eating raw cow meat!
TOUGH AS NAILS: Man eats a bag full of metal nails for lunch!
YES MA’AM: Transgender man snaps inside of a game store after an employee referred to him as a “Sir”
ASSED OUT: Man gets stuck trying to sneak into a free train ride in the subway!
OUCH: Middle Eastern men shoot guns in the air and one gets shot in the leg!