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HE’S GONE: Man gets away from two police officers chasing him on roller blades!
HOLD UP: How old were y’all when you found out the ridges on the bottom of a salt/pepper shaker had a purpose?
FAKING IT: Little sister sends a video of herself crying to her parents because her brother was being mean!
HE’S MESSED UP: Man steals a 95-year-old mans wallet in broad daylight!
HE’S WILD: Man rides down the steepest hill ever on his bicycle!
HE KNEW HE MESSED UP: Biker stops in the middle of the race and causes a huge crash pile up!
HE WASN’T FEELING IT: Horse completely gives up trying to carry a very heavy man…
MEXICO DON’T PLAY: Police officers shoot at a suspect from a helicopter during a high speed pursuit!
HELL NO: Little kid plays with a massive amount of snakes while his father records!
FELL HEAD FIRST: Man comes down the stairs in the most awkward way during Christmas eve!
SMOOTH MOVE: This is how you properly avoid getting robbed…
HE NEEDS HIS MONEY: Crackhead has some words for someone outside of their building!
WATCH OUT: Man gets hit by a car while running in the middle of the street!
THEY MAD: Customers were not feeling his balloon pop prank inside of a super market…
FIRE HIM: Karate teacher sucker punches his student in the middle of a training class!
NO SHAME: This mans hair is floating above his head and he could care less about it!