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ON SECOND THOUGHT: Man gambles with his own life playing with alligators
HE THOUGHT HE WAS FIGHTING FLOYD: Man almost punches the TV boxing on the Oculus Rift!
WAIT FOR IT: You’ll never guess what border patrol found inside of this mattress…
BOYZ II TRASH: These men have an R&B vocal runs session but it sounds horrible!
WTF IS GOING ON HERE: The most random things happen inside of a train station!
FROZEN SOLID: Wolf gets into a fight with a fox in cold snow weather and they both freeze to death!
DAMN: Middle Eastern soldier witnesses his homies get blown up by a missile in the truck behind him!
JUST SAY NO: Tranny and a woman drugged out of their minds at a liquor store!
WTF IF THIS: Is that a bear… a coyote… or an alien creature walking on the road?
THIRSTY AF: Woman experiences a gang of dudes while trying to pump gas…
BARS: Gay rapper battles a transvestite during a heated freestyle….
WOW: This horse isn’t galloping, it’s RUNNING like a damn human lol
NUT SHOT: Kid gets his revenge after a man makes him fall in a hotel hallway!
HE’S GONE: Man gets away from two police officers chasing him on roller blades!
HOLD UP: How old were y’all when you found out the ridges on the bottom of a salt/pepper shaker had a purpose?
FAKING IT: Little sister sends a video of herself crying to her parents because her brother was being mean!