WTF Files197 Videos

HE AIN’T PLAYING: Man in a wheelchair moves at the speed of light while crossing the street!
HE WILF AF: Man teases a hungry caged lion with a goat while at the zoo!
KILLED THE CLUB: Bottle service comes out with a casket at this party!
PRIVILEGE: Man accidentally drops his gun in front of a group of police officers and they laugh it off!
DAMN: Middle Eastern soldier witnesses his homies get blown up by a missile in the truck behind him!
DISRESPECTFUL: Student snatches his teachers wig in the middle of class and mocks her!
HE’S CRAZY: Camera man slides down the roof of a building to get the perfect shot!
WOW: Guy buys his wife a new car because her car broke down and look at what she says…
WTF: Kid drinks his milk by sucking on a cows nipples!
STRIPPER PARTY BUS: Dancers twerk on a pole while driving in the middle of the freeway!
NO WAY: You’ll never guess how this guy stole from this convenient store!
HOLD UP: How old were you when you found out that this is how you’re supposed to eat pineapples?
GLASS BOTTOM POOL: Check out this hotel’s pool that looks down into the street from 40 stories above!
TWO-HEADED FISH: This scary looking fish with 2 mouths was captured by a fisherman!
THEY BEEFING: Man and woman take turns taking trash in and out of one trash can…
THEY LOADED: Can someone tell me where this truck with 100’s of people on it is going?