WTF Files197 Videos

AFRO MULLET: Man shows off his wild new haircut… Are you feeling this style?
ALEXA TRIPPIN: Little boy gets a big surprise when asking Amazon’s Alexa for something…
ALL BAD: Man trusts his friends to catch him jumping off of a building… it didn’t end well.
ALL THAT ASS: Woman goes bowling while dragging her massive booty!
ASSED OUT: Man gets stuck trying to sneak into a free train ride in the subway!
BAD IDEA: Fireworks go off inside of the school auditorium during Christmas play!
BAD PARENTING: Father stacks thousands of dollars on top of his newborn baby!
BAD PARENTING: Mom lives her baseball dreams helping her daughter hit a piñata!
BARS: Gay rapper battles a transvestite during a heated freestyle….
BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HAVE KIDS WITH: Man dips off on his family as soon as it gets real!
BIG FAIL: Man attempts to open his beer bottle with a sharp wood pick and his hand…
BOOM: Cellphone repair man has one of his phones blow up in his face at work!
BOYZ II TRASH: These men have an R&B vocal runs session but it sounds horrible!
BRO TRIPPIN: Man poses with his pet Lion and it almost goes horribly wrong!
BRUH: Ram runs full speed and head first into his trainer!!
BUG FROM HELL: This huge crazy looking beetle sounds like a helicopter and will give you nightmares!