WTF Files197 Videos

TED BUNNY: Rabbit tries to save his friend in need and then the most unexpected thing happens…
HELL NO: Little kid plays with a massive amount of snakes while his father records!
FELL HEAD FIRST: Man comes down the stairs in the most awkward way during Christmas eve!
SMOOTH MOVE: This is how you properly avoid getting robbed…
HE NEEDS HIS MONEY: Crackhead has some words for someone outside of their building!
SHE GONE: Woman on the run from the police comes to a complete stop!
ELEVATOR GOING DOWN: Y’all better not even think about pranking me like this…
WATCH OUT: Man gets hit by a car while running in the middle of the street!
THEY MAD: Customers were not feeling his balloon pop prank inside of a super market…
FIRE HIM: Karate teacher sucker punches his student in the middle of a training class!
NO SHAME: This mans hair is floating above his head and he could care less about it!
SHOCKED: Man lights on fire as he gets tasered by police officers in the street!
TWO-HEADED FISH: This scary looking fish with 2 mouths was captured by a fisherman!
HE’S FOUL: Man pours fish pee inside of his friends mouth while he’s asleep!
HE’S HERE FOR THE METH: Man flips out over a good deed…
OH, YOU GOING TO JAIL JAIL: Man talks crazy to a sergeant inside of a police station!