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FU*K YOU: Two men battle it out in the streets in a flip off contest!
WHOSE MANS IS THIS: White boy couldn’t wait for the beat to drop to show out!
NO WAY: Asian woman transforms herself into a black girl after applying a makeup transformation!
LAZY AF: Check out this machine that folds your clothes for you!
MR. TAKE YOUR GIRL: Check out the massive finger on this guy!
BAD IDEA: Fireworks go off inside of the school auditorium during Christmas play!
AFRO MULLET: Man shows off his wild new haircut… Are you feeling this style?
CRAZY ROAD RAGE: Man tries to run over three teens with his speeding car!
HOLY SHIT: Man gets launched into another city from a sling shot!
THE BEST PART OF WAKING UP: Man wakes up to his girlfriends big ass in his face!
NOT LOUD: Girl claims that she’s smoking that skunk but really, she’s probably smoking pigeon!
WTF: Two cars crash into each other and one of the drivers fly out of the windshield!
SHE’S THE SHEET: Woman shows off her bed covering skills in a matter of seconds!
SHE FOLDED LIKE THEM GAS STATION BALLOONS: Woman falls hard when trying on new shoes!!
CONGRATULATIONS: You have just watched one of the weirdest videos ever!
HE’S DONE WITH WEED: Man throws away bags of marijuana like it’s nothing!