DISRESPECTFUL: Student snatches his teachers wig in the middle of class and mocks her!
THEY BEEFING: Man and woman take turns taking trash in and out of one trash can…
HE MAD MAD: Man throws his ex-girlfriends stuff out in the street and pees on her clothes!
HE’S TRIPPING: Angry man on a plane demands that a passenger needs to shake his hand!
RETURN HER: Ungrateful woman snaps on her boyfriend for getting her the wrong Valentines Day present!
TRIED TO RUN OUT: Asian ladies start a fight with black women over them not paying for their nails!
FROZEN SOLID: Wolf gets into a fight with a fox in cold snow weather and they both freeze to death!
BOOM: Two rams go head up into each other and make a very loud noise!
NOT TODAY: Little brother saw that his sister was losing the fight so he decided to jump in!
THE BROOKLYN WAY: Angry woman on a New York subway snaps on another woman for getting in her mans face!
THEY MAD: Neighbors gets into a fight and throw logs of wood at each other from their backyards!
DRIVE-THRU CHAOS: Fast food employee snaps on a customer after getting pranked!
SHE WAS SHOOK: Chinese food cashier was not feeling what this customer was yelling through the window!
HE NEEDS HIS MONEY: Crackhead has some words for someone outside of their building!