ALL BAD: Man trusts his friends to catch him jumping off of a building… it didn’t end well.
BRO TRIPPIN: Man poses with his pet Lion and it almost goes horribly wrong!
BRUH: Ram runs full speed and head first into his trainer!!
GIVE HIM A RAISE: FedEx delivery man ride through New York City on a scooter like a boss!
GTFOH: Man jumps through some hoops while riding on the roof of a speeding car!
HE AIN’T PLAYING: Man in a wheelchair moves at the speed of light while crossing the street!
HE’S FOUL: Man with one leg gets tripped by his prankster friend!
NO SHAME: This mans hair is floating above his head and he could care less about it!
NO WAY: You’ll never guess how this guy stole from this convenient store!