SHE’S TRIPPING: Woman snaps on a train and demands that someone gets up and gives her a seat!
SALMONELLA: Woman starts a new social media challenge by eating raw cow meat!
SHE GOT CAUGHT: Woman cheats on her fiance on LIVE TV with her sugar daddy at the baseball game!
KNOCKED KNEES: Woman walks the streets but her legs are shaped very strange!
TOP FLIGHT: Security guard hits a woman with her bag after accusing her of being a thief!
WHO AUNT IS THIS: Woman busts down at the barbershop while clients get their haircut!
SHE GONE: Woman on the run from the police comes to a complete stop!
WAIT FOR IT: Woman’s car ride and selfie with her dog didn’t go very well…
WHAT THAT MOUTH DO: Woman fails trying to drink an entire glass of orange juice!
SHE’S OUT LIKE A LIGHT: Men stack red cups on top of his drunken woman’s head while she’s passed out!
FEARLESS: Woman enjoys swimming in shark infested waters!
WASN’T EXPECTING THAT: Woman frees a pigeon stuck in the grill of a car and look at what happens next!
HER KNEES RETIRED FROM THOTTING: Woman dances in the bathroom and takes a fall…