Tyrese Gibson

The Rundown recently held an intimate conversation with Grammy-nominated R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson about his origins and love for the beloved music genre.

In case you missed it on The Rundown’s podcast show “Rundown Radio,” you can listen to the full segment below:

When asked, “When was the moment you fell in love with R&B music?” Tyrese took a trip down memory lane and kept it very real with his response…

“I fell in love with R&B when I used to be at home while my mama was drunk (often) and she would always put on the soundtrack of whatever it is she was thinking, feeling and going through. I discovered R&B when I was a kid and when I was just really witnessing my mom go to some of the darkest, most vulnerable and emotional places. R&B soul music always helped her to go there.”

Tyrese Gibson as a child

Of course, Tyrese is no stranger to the beloved music genre after contributing 20 years of his career to R&B music. His latest studio album “Black Rose” landed Tyrese his first #1 on the Top 100 Billboard charts alongside his hit single “Shame” which also received #1 status.

When asked about the current state of R&B music and his opinion on the direction it’s headed, Tyrese had this to say:

“The game has to change – that’s just like going back to Hip Hop and what we know about Hip Hop if you’re 30-plus, you got introduced to Hip Hop a certain way (old school 80’s and 90s music.) Then these new rappers the culture to a different level and now it’s somewhere else. So, just like R&B, back when there was Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, The O.J.’s… these were guys that really had to come with it. They wasn’t making corny ass beats on their laptops and their iPhone and just releasing it straight to radio. They had to really get in with musicians, they had to understand chords and chord progressions, they had to really get into lyrics that made sense. They had to have conviction in their voice in order for niggas to believe what you was coming with. So, right now, the state in the game is – there is a lot of rappers singing, which today’s fan of music believes it’s so normal to hear a rapper sing, they just believe that all of them do both and they don’t really know the difference between a straight up R&B singer and a rapper. So, I think my approach is always, if you just decide to come with something that means something, you’re going to just stand out because there is so much shit out there that just don’t mean nothing.”

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese still has a deep rooted love for R&B. In fact, in 2017 he produced and directed a short film dedicated to the genre combining it with the world of movies, another genre of entertainment Tyrese has been very successful in. In this short film titled “The Black Book,” Tyrese pays homage to the film “The Note Book” with a musical twist.

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