This post about relationships, love and taking chances will have you thinking about your love life!

She: Babe

He: yes my heart

She: can I be frank with you?

He: um… go on dear

She: I doubt my feelings, we can take a break.

He: I did something wrong, didn’t I?

She: It’s not you… I don’t want to hurt you… I don’t love you anymore. Actually, I….

He: talk to me…

She: don’t take it wrong, but I have someone else. I know the life we lead to two is not bad, but I don’t know, but it’s not that life I dream of. I want to travel all over the world. At least taste the life of bourges. I want to go crazy… spend an unforgettable youth. But with you, life has become routine. Besides, you can’t afford to give me what I want. What I dream about. While the other one gives me this life on a platter. He’s sincere with me. Don’t worry, I never cheated on you. And I held alot of respect for you, to let you know how I feel. I know you’re mad at me. But if you love me like you say, don’t make things more complicated. Let me go.

He drops his head for a while…. then he gets up and looks right in his eyes and says:

I won’t hold you back. That’s your choice. I just want to give you some advice in the future. Here are some:

– love is a strong feeling, but it’s not the only feeling. There’s attraction, fantasy, obsession, friendship… that’s why you have to be sure what you feel before you make an important decision for your life.

– physical property is a combination of relationships, but they are only decorations that are not more important than life itself. That’s why we don’t have to make it a priority.

– your man is just a man. He is made of flesh and blood, he is not God. He can’t give you anything. He’ll do what he can to make you happy if he loves you even beyond his abilities. But even this will never satisfy all your desires.

– to finish, if you have dreams talk with your man so that you can two build your life. Couple’s life is dancing together, laughing together, crying together, doing everything together.

So you can leave with your advice in your heart. I wish you all the best.

She (tears to the eyes): thank you, you are a good person…

Then she went away.

What she didn’t know was that her man had just won a 50 million euro market and he had just begged God to keep all evil spirits away from his path.
♥. Be careful, Life is a rolling dice. It’s our New Dawn Era