Do you want to submit posts to The Rundown? Here are the details…

What’s good Rundown family…

With over a million followers via our social media platforms and millions of monthly hits to our website, we get asked all the time… “How can I write or submit posts to The Rundown?”

Good news!

We now allow the ability for our followers to contribute to our platforms… but this is ONLY for select people! That is the exception… We take pride in providing our audience with great content. What does that mean? It means that we will be screening posts that are submitted to us by our contributors. In other words, not everything you submit will be posted and it needs to fall into our guidelines.


Here are our simple guidelines for submitting posts:

  1. The content must relate to our current existing posts. The Rundown is a blog dedicated to the Hip Hop, trending news and social media culture. In other words, don’t write posts about your own personal life and things that don’t pertain to our audience. Also, we don’t want to know about your cousin who just released his new single that has a three year old verse from Tyga on it. We want to contribute to the culture and your personal agendas don’t help.
  2. Again, only submit posts that pertain to the Hip Hop and social media “trending topics and news” culture.
  3. No nudity, racism, spam, vulgar or hateful language will be tolerated!
  4. You must have a witty and creative ability to write posts. In other words, don’t be lame… Be creative and fun with your personality presenting the news and gossip to our audience.
  5. Please… please… please…. Utilize the ability to assemble sentences including the use of punctuation, pauses and breaks in sentences. We want to entertain our audience, not confuse them with poor grammar and writing abilities. Thank you 🙂

What’s in it for you?

For the eligible posts that get approved, we will provide author credit that promotes your name, brand, social media accounts and website in exchange for your submission. Frequent contributors will be granted official author accounts and be given direct access to the post forms on our website.

Here is a visual example of an author stamp shown under posts.

Let’s get started!

To submit content and articles to our website, please send us an email using the form below.

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you!